A Gaelic school for Portree

Information on the consultation

The Highland Council is carrying out a consultation on a Gaelic School for Portree. This Consultation will end on 10 October 2008 and will give everyone the opportunity to contribute their views on the creation of a Gaelic school.

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The consultation will give parents the choice of maintaining the existing Gaelic-medium educational provision at Portree Primary School, or developing a stand alone dedicated Gaelic School by adapting an existing building or building a new, free-standing school.

Throughout the consultation process parents have the opportunity to submit support for a dedicated Gaelic school.

What difference will a Gaelic School make?

In a dedicated Gaelic School, Gaelic is the main language of the school and the language by which both staff and pupils interact. Linguistic research has proven that the complete immersion in the language is the most effective way for both learning and teaching a second language and it is this immersion method that is currently adopted within the Gaelic classroom. In a Gaelic school this is extended throughout the school thus ensuring pupils to have a far richer language experience as they are actively using the language throughout the school day.

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